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Why should you use Facebook if you are a company

Facebook is the queen of social networks, well ahead of other very popular networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest. Today it has more than 1.110 million users and is translated into more than 100 languages. It is the first social network to reach this number. Visit this link for convertpanda.com – download fb video.

Facebook is the present and the future

The main value of Facebook is precisely the mass of users who gather in one place, although it is also important to highlight the quality of the same (engagement). Not only are there thousands of millions of users, but people who spend a lot of time in the social network interacting with other people (uploading photos, generating their own content, spreading content from others, commenting …). They enter more times a day and spend more time in it than in other social networks.

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fb videos

A late entry into the business world

At the time of its birth, Facebook did not arouse any interest for companies. Despite the growth of this social network has been seen in the world of the company as an opportunity in terms of attracting users and creating business through it. Little by little its potential to generate sales has become more evident and with it the need for companies to participate in strategies that allow them to achieve their commercial objectives.

But … why use Facebook?


Your chances of being found by people looking for your products or services will increase.

Brand image:

Manage a channel such as Facebook, which allows dialogue with your customers in a simple way, improves your brand image and helps prevent and repair possible decline in popularity.


Facebook is an ideal channel to present new products or services to a very broad and heterogeneous target audience.


In the same way that you promote offers and events in other traditional media, you can use Facebook’s features to make it easier and faster.


On Facebook, you can create a community around your brand or product. This community, in turn, will naturally attract other people who in principle did not know the brand and who will become followers.


Thanks to the actions you perform on Facebook, a percentage of your followers will become buyers.

Customer service:

 Due to its facility to generate relationships, on Facebook, you can offer a personalized customer service that in other channels would be more complicated.

B2B (Business to Business):

The creation of links with other companies for possible synergies. Although Facebook is a more effective social network for B2B actions (Business to Consumer), you can also develop actions to promote business with other companies.

Cost reduction:

The use of the channel is free even if you are a company, except in the case of contracting ads (Facebook Ads). Even in that case, marketing on Facebook is cheaper than doing it on other channels.

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