Take 10 Minutes to Get Started With invoice software

Choosing an invoice software is a very important decision. It is a tool with which you will work in a very long period of time. This tool will enable you to automate a large number of tasks. If we make a mistake while selecting a billing program, we are likely to regret it and have to take the heavy task of making a migration. www.sighted.com is the best choice for invoicing and the reasons behind that are shown below. In this post, we want to give you some keys points to show why we are the best.


It doesn’t matter if the software graphics are not very spectacular, as long as the software is perfectly functional. There are programs with very nice designs, but then they do not allow us to carry out some operations. Or they have a lousy customer service. Our software provides all the vital functions to make your business fruitful.

Adequate to legislation-

The management program you use must be appropriate to the legislation of your country. This must also be appropriate to changes in legislation that may occur. With www.sighted.com you can customize data such as the type of VAT since not all products or services have the same type, sales abroad do not carry VAT, etc.

We not only serve to make invoices-

Your invoice making software should not stay in a simple invoice program. It should include some advanced features. We make delivery notes or budgets, which are common activities in the day to day of companies.

If your business just needs some invoices, you just need to use an Excel template to work on. If you want to make invoices quickly and manage them and extract useful data from all of them automatically, then you need an invoice program like us. You must try us for an overall business management.

Perfect for automating tasks-

For an invoice program to be really useful, the user should not have to add all the time the prices of our products, the fiscal data of our customers and so on. All this are registered and automated in our system.

Moreover, if we have a client to whom we send invoices periodically, for example once in a quarter of a business, the ideal is that the determination of email to which a new invoice will be sent, with updated data, on the X day of each quarter.

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