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Internet Radio or Traditional Radio Free is the key

This is a battle between internet radio and traditional radio that begun over the years. After radio started streaming from the internet in 1993, traditional radio competitors’ scope became wider. The internet is just one push of a button away, making it more accessible wherever we go. You cannot bring your radio device, but with cellphones on hand with internet access, internet radio became people’s muse. Today, we will further discuss their differences in diverse aspects.


If you wanted to know what are the happenings from your town, traditional radios is a must. Since AM radio is always available with distinct news such as local news, weather news and sports news.

But if you are an explorer of international news wanting to know what is happening from different parts of the globe, theninternet radio is a go for you.


Of course, in traditional radio you cannot choose from the varieties of music being played on the radio. It is set by the disc-jockeys. However, if your radio is always on and if you are patient enough to listen to your requested song to the DJs, then you’re fine.

Free Internet Radio

But honestly, it is more convenient for us if we have the freedom to choose our desired songs whenever LSS or Last Song Syndrome kicks in. In internet radio, you are the DJ of your own. Just like in Hits Radio, where you can get unlimited skips from the varieties of genres available.


In everyday listening to our traditional radios, you probably have memorized the advertisements being played every after 3 or 4 songs. Who doesn’t get annoyed when they are in the midst of music feels and then suddenly, an advertisement interrupted. Just like in Spotify if you are not in the Premium where ads break in every after 30 minutes.

Which makes us choose free internet radio because it is an ad-free platform when you’re just listening to the varieties available there is.


In traditional radios, the disc-jockeys are the ones who take control of the songs to be played, and the advertisement of the radio station’s sponsors that must be introduced every now and then.

Attaining control what people wanted, we became hungry of possessing power in order for us to feed our pleasures. That is whyin internet radios, it allows people to regain control of whatever songs you like making it a form of communication giving the listeners their true voice.