Rebotec Shower Chair – A Deep Insight

Shower chairs are imperative to be included in a restroom, particularly for elderly and individuals with incapacities in mobility issues. By utilizing the shower seat, they may use the washroom with little or no assistance.

A shower chair is a sort of seat installed in the washroom that has two armrest, a backrest, and depleted openings in the seat, enabling individuals to take a shower without any challenges. It furthermore keeps users from slipping and falling in the restroom.

Shower chairs can be waterproof wheelchairs that enable you to wheel or be wheeled over the latrine, if need be, or into a level access shower. There are customized models that enable the user to move to or from the shower.

Individuals who require this particular accessory should investigate a few factors previously to select a fitting shower chair for their washrooms. Consider the specialized elements of the shower chair as different users are usually facing different challenges.

What are the advantages of a shower seat?

A Rebotec shower chair enables you to sit in an upright, position while utilizing the shower and the latrine as well. On the off chance that it is to be utilized over a toilet, it will be important to guarantee that the shower chair can wheel over the toilet bowl without obstructions from the pipe work.

How to get one?

  • Community Occupational Therapists (COTs)

It provides clients with a shower chairs. If there is a COT in the locale, they can be contacted in order to offer these seats. If a COT cannot be located then you may contact the County Council for further assistance.

  • The Spinal Outpatient OT Team.

These teams are constantly glad to give an exhortation to your COT and to you in the event that you require a shower chair. The Spinal Center cannot, however, provide financial assistance for your medical equipment. In the event, that you require a shower seat substitution, it is recommended that you keep your current seat. Use the new model to your satisfaction then decide if it suits you.