Distinctions Between Traditional And Internet Radio

Are you the one who thinks online radio is nothing but the same old fm radio? Then read on to evaluate yourself.

There are numerous differences in the business models and listening environments between traditional terrestrial radio and internet radio. The main areas of difference lay in geographic reach and the programming content.

The extent of the market:

The first and immediate distinction that you can make out between terrestrial radio and internet radio is the limitation of the broadcast area. Traditional radio uses transmitters to receive signals and waves emanated can be heard by population only close to the transmission point. Here there is a restriction to the programmes that can be aired because of this geographic limitation. They have to be directed in such a way that it appeals to the local audience.

Free Internet Radio

For example, there is a football county which has lot of football players. The programs aired will be focused more on its events and tournaments. Here music lovers and other professionals will not have much to choose from where as in the case of Internet radio, any program aired anywhere in the world can be heard with just a mere internet connection.

Since it is available online, listeners can access programs from any part of the world. As long as the listener has an internet connection, there is feasibility to access it from anywhere. Here the geographical limit does not exist, so the broadcasts can be global which is common to everyone rather than a selected community. As a matter of fact, it has to offer a non-localized subject matter based on various aspects.

Variety in content:

The content in terrestrial radio has become monotonous for listeners of late, which is one of the main causes for the downfall of its listenership. As discussed earlier, since the extent of its reach is limited, it is bound to focus on same issues again and again which makes listeners boring. If there are similar kind of music fests in the city every now and then and the channel keeps airing the same programs it is definitely uninteresting to the listener. One would want variety in content and subject.

 With Internet radio, the case is different.  As the geographical reach is global there is a choice for listener which one he wants to tune into. He can choose from wide variety of offers and can expect variation in content.

As internet has become readily and easily accessible, there is no way that you can think of getting an internet radio not installed because it is worth it.