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The Antares

Unique features you can enjoy with condominium

Everyone has the desire to own a property for their lifetime safety. But, this might be the big decision to consider. You cannot go apathy to choose your property; because choosing alike would take more time to make your choice and at same time, you need to show some interest on searching the property to get from the best location. Based on the stats, people of present time are opting to live in condo, which means condominium. The main reason would be the list of unique features it offers to the owners. Here are some features that most condo would attribute the owners, when you find condos for sales anywhere, try to look for these special features to choose the top-notch condo. The penned features are made the experts in The Antares Condo especially up for the novice buyers. Understand everything and choose the best condominium.

Common areas:

The main feature you can enjoy with condominium is from common areas. When you are planned to own your flat, probably you need to search for the best space in common area. But, it is quite daunting to find the property with such conditions, but you can reach this using the condo apartment. If you are the boating enthusiast, you can go for condo near marina or dock.

The Antares


The parking might be the primary factor for the people of present time, because a family consists of at least two vehicles. The construction of condo basically includes big parking slots. Even some developments have come with the gated parking areas by security personnel. This you cannot get in with your property.


In addition to staff gate house and gate parking slots, condominium can also has come with some other security measures such as 24×7 security guards, locked exterior doors, camera surveillance, lock access to community facility, and many more.

Social opportunity:

If you are passionate on social activities more, buyers can speak with the residents on this matter. Some regularly scheduled events may be offered by the condomiums, such as book clubs, pool parties, potluck supplies, and even golfing. Look for your needs and thereby you can make your choice.

Storage space:

Since many condominiums unit owners will not have an access to tool shed, basement, garage, and attics. The unit should contain sufficient storage space. If you probably need of storage, do not liberate your values.

different types of condominium

The different types of condominium

The condominium is better than a house in some ways. It provides you with the comfort of a house and even more. The condominium is gaining huge popularity among the people. Many people are looking forward to it. If you are interested in buying a condo in The Tapestry, you need to know the two basic types of condominium that you can choose from.

Leasehold condominium

In leasehold condo, the entire construction is constructed on leased land. It is not necessary for the project developer to be the real owner of the land. The plot is generally someone’s else but the plot is rented by the landowner to the developer.

Freehold condominium

Freehold condominium

In freehold condo, the owner controls and handles the property. He owns the land and he could do anything with the land that he feels like. He is not answerable to anyone. However, there are four types of condominium.

  1. Standard condominium: This is the most common type of condominium. In this type, one building is divided into units and rows. Each unit is available for sale and you can buy these units or rows. The unit is then completely yours as you have bought it. You could do anything that you feel like. If the condo is not yet registered to your name, then you have to pay the rent until the procedure is completed.
  1. Phase condominium: These are that condominium which is made stepwise. Once the building is completed, then its units are given to the residents. Then, the next building is constructed and then given to another resident. The step is repeated. By doing so, the residents do not have to wait to shift in until the project is completed.
  1. Vacant land condo: The building in this type is constructed based on the number of registrations done. The constructions are done based on the resident’s needs. Once the required number of registrations is completed, the construction is initiated.


Once you know the different types of the condo, you can choose your type of condo depending on your needs and requirement.

gulf shores golf courses

Best Residential apartments for livings

One club is the real estate property development company, which includes hotel investment and the property investment. Its headquarters is located in the heart of Alabama. They are having many subsidiaries, which are present in the countries like Australia, China, and South-East Asia. One club is the development of the freehold gulf shores golf courses.

They are serving many customers across the world by providing them commercial, residential and industrial properties. Their development is very innovative and that is why they have a very huge demand among customers.

Gulf Shores Cove Values and Integrity

One club believes in four core values, which are driving the innovation and the creativity of the company. These qualities are as below:

gulf shores golf courses

  • Integrity: They are committed to high moral and ethical standards in every way they are going and whatever activities they are doing.
  • Excellence: They are committed to building the best properties in the market.
  • Attitude: They are committed to humility, creativity, and hard work in all the activities, which the company is taking part.
  • Teamwork: They are committed to collaboration and cooperation across different industries and sectors.

Because of this commitment, the company is visioning the development of excellent and iconic properties, which could be the best in the market. The group is processing numerous awards and having the record of accomplishment of producing and transforming the innovative project in the society. Some properties include the five stars rated hotel properties, which are situated in the USA.

Residential Properties by gulf shores golf courses

One Club is having the best 45 holes in Golf and the renovated course. The gulf shores golf courses are developed by keeping in mind the affordability by the people. As far as golf courses are a concern, it is easily affordable in the areas as compared with other countries. Andy Priest who is the director of Alabama Golf Association mention about this affordability. In once club Gulf shores you will find the golf courses of all the skill levels. Golfers are always finding the yardage that will equate and give the enjoyable experience to the greens.

Butik 828 launches Butik condo freehold residential codo

On march 2008 group is Bukit 828 Condo especially occupied by developer Roxy-Pacific Holdings in more than 10000 sq meter, upcoming project of Bukit 828 is 6 storey building categorised into 34 units. after successful launch of previous project  Freehold development Bukit 828  Roxy-Pacific Holdings  become brand in asia , Australia and in many parts of world.

The most awaited project

Butik 828 launches Butik condo freehold residential codo, located near MRT station located in the heart of city of Singapore.Main focus of company Bukit 828 Freehold Condo Bukit Panjang MRT Station is to develop homes and residential flats for all level of working person. The company launches more than 40 schemes are already successfully launched in ingapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Flats and apartments are available in minimum cost with world class luxury development in integrated mix area.

 The most awaited project deals with 1 to 3 bedroom flats the integrated area with shopping mall, school, world class dinning hotels, and station situated near by location in district 23 which is a main area. It is close to many amities long the hill view area as well as the Bukit Panjang area. Developer brought the property from 5 adjoining shop houses at most competitive price. International payment transfer scheme with low tax and applicable offers and schemes for early booking in rental shops or housing, apartment.

 Invest now for future benefits

Register as soon as possible as price of property always growing and try Updated workforce  will mean better purchasing housing, shops for High GDP growth And High rental return it definitely provides High Returns & Capital definitely with doubling every 5 years due to increasing land prices & construction costs in Prime Central district 23. Prime location of Bukit 828 Condo strategically location in the mature state of 826-834 of the upper bukit timah road was surrounded by several amenities. Cold storage at hillview market place and supermarket at bukit batok road.

World class freehold development Bukit 828 Condo

Superb location and surrounded by all entities Construction with Bukit 828 Condo is also progressing well and delivers projects in a timely manner. Through the prime location in South Asia, it includes the central district of business. International centre of finance for various upcoming projects contributes vigorous lifestyle to the worldwide luxury brand.

Buy your convenient home easily with good consultants

Every people have the dream of buying their new house where they can integrate their happiness with a place. But the problem is everyone can’t construct the home on their own. Either they need the harness or the place to construct. If so the problems are, then what would be the better solution? Approaching the building consultants is the better way where they can get offered with what they want. If that consultant helps you in a great way means, you can surely enjoy your experience for buying the home. The Realtors Orlando ORC is one of the best consultants that helps the buyers to select the one that suits them more enough.

Get explode with the consultant platform

If you decide to buy a new home, what would be the first thing we will think of? The place where you would get the building. To get more enough details about the place, you have to be get connected with either the seller who sells his home or else with the building consultant who builds the new home. Many consultants are taking more years to get connected with the people to explore the details of the home that are ready to sale. Building the new house also includes getting attached with the mechanical, electrical and designing the home to make it look into a better place. Making changes over the living places is also an important work of the consultants.

Look the benefits they made

The methods of construction differ from one to the another. But checking the best out of them is the good choice you are making. The Realtors Orlando ORC provides the best things that make you feel happier to reach them. It is the best solution for both the home sellers and buyers who have all aspect of experience in the field of Real Estate.It helps you in the process of purchase and sales as possible as they could. The seller and the buyer who use a different type of options provided by them like Home value evaluator and seller tips for the former and the Investment properties and Mortgage for the later. They provide you a great tool for estimating the home’s value.They help you to provide you the excellent service and exceptional results that make satisfaction for both the person who takes in charge of buying and selling their home.