7 Ways Are Effectively Needs Of Cloud Computing

Blue Coat system provides 7 ways to take the control of cloud computing. In order to know about those ways, just continue reading this article.

  • Know About Visibility and Control In Cloud:

Different from on-premise applications, cloud apps and services exist in the external environment of network and so traditional understanding of visibility in terms of firewall and SIEM logs will give only particular information about overall cloud traffic and app usage. Visibility in cloud context defines that ability of employees to see activity carried out in cloud disregarding initiation of their account sessions.

  • Automatic Discovery Of Cloud App Usage:

There are only 40 to 50 cloud apps are running in most IT departments. An Organization should adapt cloud app security should imply security in the cloud.

  • Develop Detailed Governing Strategy:

Grouping cloud governance committee comprises executive, IT, legal, risk management and business representatives. Committee should adopt cloud strategy including app selection and security guidelines.

  •  Confirming Whether All Apps Are Ready For Business:

When you are looking for cloud app security solution, look at one which is capable of providing not only risk rated cloud apps but also unique security requirements of Organization. With this information, IT professionals may set policies to allow apps which have compatibility with security policy of company. It is necessary for every Organization to look for cloud app security solution which has ability to induce both risk rated cloud apps in multiple aspects of security dimensions and consider unique security requirements of Organization. This is required for Organization to use apps based on its security policy.


  • Reduced Cloud Costs and Complexity:

Employees and business units use multiple cloud apps to perform same function. Business also has multiple accounts for same app. In order to reduce redundancy, an organization should determine app which can perform multiple services with same functionality.

  • Risk Identification With Cloud Accounts:

The comfort and flexibility of cloud is important for higher productivity. Advanced data science and machine learning techniques should be leveled in order to identify user’s behavior.

  • Provide Monthly Executive Level Reports:

The main thing to flexible control and implementation is efficient representation to CEO. The comprehensive IT strategy should support cloud vision. To justify value of IT in cloud, IT professionals have to know about idea of complete IT cloud strategy.

These 7 ways shared by Blue coat system twitter are really useful to take the control of cloud strategy to your Organization.


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